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An eye-opening, intimate look into the world of sixteen-year-old Lily, who lives in a Syrian-Jewish community in Brooklyn with her much older husband - and what occurs when an unlikely relationship with her African-American maid begins to form.

The Cast

Lily:Hayley Himmelman

Blanche: Mariah Copeland

Ike: Josh Issler

Shelly: Julie Busch

Claudine:Lindsay Spohler

JoJo: Jacob Kogan

The Team

Producer: Meryl Crock

  • Assistant Producer: Katie Chang

Director: Jenna Levin

  • Assistant Director: Mimi Reininga

Dramaturgy: Joan Sergay and Kori Alston

Stage Manager: Isabel Perry

Technical Director: Abe Oaxley-Hase

Set Designer: Jessie Baldinger

Team Lights: Prateek Singh (Designer) and Sara Torres (Master Electrician)

Sound Designer: Camille Michelottie

  • Assistant Sound Designer/ Board Op: Emma Meyerhoff

Costume Designer:Rachel Holtzman

  • Assistant Costumer: Gracie Brakeman

Props Designers: Allie Fuller and Katie Reilly

Fight Choreographer: Daniel Chenard

Marketing Directors: Mai Schotz, Adam Yates, and Jack Hickey

Fundraising Director: Jenna Levine

  • Assistant Fundraising Director: Jess Levin

Graphic Designer: Adam Turkel

Internal Outreach Director:Hannah Merens

External Outreach Director:Jacob Rosenblum

Get Involved

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