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The Technical Theatre Listserv is an open communication and publication forum. Anyone may sign up to receive and publish items at any time. Publication to this listserv does not require administrator approval - items submitted to the tech listserv are published immediately and automatically.

Remember that there are members of the Chicago professional community who are also subscribed to the listserv, and that all content should remain professional, succinct, and appropriate.

Readers may also unsubscribe from the listserv at any time using the online unsubscribe form.

Guidelines for Publication

Possible types of items that one might send over the listserv include:

  • Events of general interest to the student technical community (equipment demonstrations, conferences, forums etc), either on- or off-campus
  • Bulletins of important information for on-campus technicians (immediate changes in Norris/campus policies, StuCo Equipment, space availability, etc.)
  • Advertisements for open positions in on-campus production teams
  • Other requests or questions for or from the community at large.

This listserv is moderated by the StuCo Equipment Manager. Questions/comments/issues/concerns about the listserv should be directed to .

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