The Arabian Nights

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The Arabian Nights
Directed by Jeff Sachs
Produced by Sean Brennan
Written by Mary Zimmerman
Sponsored by Lovers & Madmen
Show Dates April 27-29
Venue The Louis Room

The Story

After King Shahryar's wife betrays him, the world around him turns dark. He vows to marry a woman each night, and before sunrise the next day behead her. Scheherezade is the latest unlucky woman to find herself in the King's bedchamber. Before she is beheaded she begins to tell stories to Shahryar, keeping them going till sunrise and ending each night on a cliffhanger to keep her head. As he listens, the king is transformed both by her stories and her love.

They are tales of love, they are tales of deceit; they are tales of dreams, they are tales of madness; they are tales of passion, they are tales of heartbreak; and of one enormous fart.


In order of appearance

  • Shahryar: Colton Dillion
  • Wazir: Ben Kemper
  • Scheherezade: Kendra Vaculin
  • Dunyazade, Azizah: Galya Loeb
  • Harun al-Rashid: JJ Marquis
  • Madman: Brendan Yukins
  • Perfect Love: Ali White
  • Jester, Principal Musician: Michael Kaish
  • Pastrycook, Principal Musician: Adarsh Shah
  • Butcher: Shawn Morgenlander
  • Greengrocer: Quinn Rattan
  • Abu al-Hasan: Ethan Levine-Weinberg
  • Sympathy the Learned: Claire Winkleblack
  • Girl in the Garden: Ashley Thompson
  • Ishak of Mosul: Jacob Trauberman

Production Team

  • Producer: Sean Brennan
    • Assistant Producer: Justin Connolly
  • Director: Jeff Sachs
    • Assistant Director: Joe Entenman
  • Stage Manager: Tiffany Kim
    • Assistant Stage Manager: Lacey Weeks
  • Choreographer: Phoebe Brooks
  • Music Director: Polina Senderova
  • Set Designer: Ady Dunk
  • Assistant Set Designer: Karen Valencia
  • Technical Director: Antora DeLong
  • Costume Designer: Rebecca Gausnell
  • Properties Designer: Gracie Schwartzenberger
  • Lighting Designer: David Griffin
    • Assistant Lighting Designer: Elli Williamson
  • Master Electrician: Stephanie Kahn
  • Composer/Sound Designer: Kara Goldsmith
  • Publicity Director: Ashley Albert
  • Social Media/PR Consultant: Jennifer Schaefer
  • Fundraising Director: Melanie Vitaterna
  • Dramaturg: Xander Tapling
  • Graphic Designer: Max Cove

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