The Drowsy Chaperone

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The Drowsy Chaperone
[[Image:Drowsy PROFILE PIC.jpg|200px|]]
Directed by Emma Wahl
Artistic Producer Bailey Sutton
Business Producer Andrew Restieri
Written by Bob Martin and Don McKellar (book), Lisa Lambert and Greg Morrison (music)
Sponsored by JTE
Show Dates February 4-6, 2016
Venue The Louis Room


A run of the mill, endearingly neurotic recluse invites the audience into his dingy New York City apartment to revel in the former glory of a beloved obsession, his one true love: the record of the 1920’s Broadway musical, The Drowsy Chaperone. As the record starts playing, the prohibition era bursts from the moldy apartment walls, and we see the musical come to life through the man’s eyes. Enter a myriad of kooky characters, from stylized gangsters to a Latin lovers, who have gathered to celebrate the wedding of a Follies star and her Gene Kelly-like fiancé. The Follies producer plots to stop the wedding in the hopes of regaining his starlet, and lighthearted mix-ups and mayhem ensue, all the while cynically but lovingly commented on by the man. This play within a play truly brings out the best in what theater, and people, have to offer; fairy tale and reality blur, creating a wonderfully balanced dichotomy of what it means to face the truth about the life you have built for yourself, how imagination can be a savior, and how to let go.

Production Information


  • Thursday, February 4th at 8pm
  • Friday, February 5th at 7pm & 10pm
  • Saturday, February 6th at 2pm & 8pm

Location: Norris Center Louis Room, 1999 Campus Dr, 2nd Floor, Evanston, IL 60208

Tickets will be available at the door. Seat reservations will be accepted in special circumstances. Email to reserve seats for your group or if you are a family member to anyone involved in the production. We will happily accommodate you!


Man in Chair: Russell Kahn

Janet van de Graaf: Rosemarie Chandler

Robert Martin: Reed Lancaster

The Drowsy Chaperone: Lucia Godinez

Aldolpho: Alex Quinones

George: Adam Brody

Feldzeig: Daniel Bender Stern

Kitty: Rachel Guth

The Gangsters: Christopher Flaim and Alexander Rothfield

Mrs. Tottendale: Tess Musky-Goldwyn

Underling: Quinn Kelch

Trix the Aviatrix: Kelsey Spencer

Superintendent: Ryder Chasin

Production Team

Co-Producers: Andrew Restieri and Bailey Sutton

  • Assistant Artistic Producers: Alex Gold and Jamie Kuhn
  • Assistant Business Producers: Marissa Ferrara and Jonathan Gelb

Director: Emma Wahl

  • Assistant Director: Mary Kate Goss

Music Director: Matthew Burgess

Choreographer: Annalissa Hartsell

Stage Manager: Mallory Harrington

Lighting Designer: Matt Kresch

  • Assistant Lighting Designer: Dinnie Jay

Master Electrician: Sam Van Loon

Associate Master Electrician: Nathan Selinger

Sound Designer Thomas Molash

  • Assistant Sound Designer: Jeremy Gubman

Costume Designer: Samantha Nagler

  • Assistant Costume Designer: John Durden

Wardrobe Manager: Alana Basil

Hair and Makeup Designer: Marin Nass

Props Designer: Jack Stucky

Set Designer: Nick Raef

  • Associate Set Designers: Dominick Mugavero, Connor Scott, and Sydney Thomas

Technical Director: Luke Miller

Marketing Director: Jacob Entenman

  • Assistant Marketing Director: Dan Leahy

Publicity Director: Caitlin Medina

  • Publicity Associate: Janie Dickerson

Fundraising Assistant: Carrie Caffrey

Graphic Designer: Tatyana Aravena

Videographer: Michael Nowakowski

Production Assistants: Emma Meyerhoff, Kristyn Wilkerson, Michael Herwitz

Magic Coordinator: Jonathan Gelb

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