The Elephant

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The Elephant
The elephant poster.jpeg
Directed by Seth Garben
Produced by Amanda Lapid
Written by Betsuyaku Minoru
Sponsored by Spectrum Theatre Company
Show Dates May 10-12, 2012
Venue Shanley Pavilion


The Elephant tells the story of a patient, suffering injuries sustained after the atomic bombing on Hiroshima, who has a strange desire to display publicly the keloid scar on his back in order to gain sympathy and validate his existence as a survivor. His nephew tries to stop him from acting out and convince him that people are utterly apathetic with regards to the atomic bomb victims, and so all survivors should suffer silently and privately and not seek public acknowledgment. The argument is one that continues throughout the play and sheds light on the estranged world the victims have descended into and, by extension, the existential angst the entire world must bear.


Invalid: Alec Bronder
Doctor: Anna Miles
Wife/Nurse: Ashley Nguyen
Man: Benj Sullivan-Knoff


Producer: Amanda Lapid
Director: Seth Garben
Stage Manager: Erik Linnell
Set Designer: Ben Gojer
Technical Director: Kate Matias
Makeup Designer: Rachel Shelton
Costume Designer: Emily Wills
Assistant Costume Designer: Lauren Cichock
Sound Designer: Andre Sguerra
Lighting Team: Josh Gordon, Ben Gojer, Em Fulk, and Hannah Aubry
Graphics Designer: DS Shin