The Fantasticks

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The Fantasticks
Fantasticks Poster.jpg
Directed by Laura Nash
Produced by Ryan Grossheim
Written by Harvey Schmidt,
Tom Jones
Sponsored by Arts Alliance
Show Dates Oct. 4-6, 2007
Venue Shanley Pavilion

The Fantasticks tells an allegorical story, loosely based on the play "The Romancers" by Edmond Rostand, concerning two fathers who put up a wall between their houses to ensure that their children fall in love, because they know that children always do what their parents forbid. After the children do fall in love, they discover their fathers' plot and they each go off and experience things in the world. They return to each other and the love they had, having learned from the world and made an informed decision.

Musical numbers

Act I
  • Overture
  • Try To Remember - El Gallo, Luisa, Matt, Hucklebee, Bellomy
  • Much More - Luisa
  • Metaphor - Matt, Luisa
  • Never Say No - Hucklebee, Bellomy
  • It Depends On What You Pay - El Gallo, Hucklebee, Bellomy
    • alternately: Abductions - El Gallo, Hucklebee, Bellomy
  • Soon It's Gonna Rain - Matt, Luisa
  • Rape Ballet (changed to Abduction Ballet) - Company
  • Happy Ending - Company
Act II
  • This Plum Is Too Ripe - Matt, Luisa, Hucklebee, Bellomy
  • I Can See It - Matt, El Gallo
  • Plant A Radish - Hucklebee, Bellomy
  • Round And Round - El Gallo, Luisa, Company
  • They Were You - Matt, Luisa
  • Try to Remember - El Gallo


  • El Gallo: Tate Jorgenson
  • Matt: Matt Edmonds
  • Luisa: Madeline Duffy-Feins
  • Hucklebee: Garrett Boileve
  • Bellomy: Alex Weisman
  • Henry: Chris Strauss
  • Mortimer: Max Freedman
  • The Mute: Cara Brown

Production Team

  • Stage Manager: Katherine Docimo
  • Lighting Designer: Peter Mitchell
  • Set Designer: Eric Dean Wilson
  • Technical Directors: Andrew Karas and Ruth Orme-Johnson
  • Costume Designer: David Hyman
  • Properties Designer: Brittany Bookbinder
  • Sound Designers: Christian Gero and Scott Weinstein
  • Publicity Director: Emma Olson
  • Fundraising Director: Evyn Williams
  • Graphic Designer: Ian Epstein
  • Music Director: Elizabeth Doran
  • Choreographer: Katie Spelman