The Food Show

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The Food Show
No Show Poster.jpg
Directed by Ben Gojer
Produced by Aleah Papes
Written by Devised by the Ensemble
Sponsored by Spectrum Theatre Company
Show Dates January 12-14, 2012
Venue Shanley Pavilion

About the Show

This pie chart shows McDonalds restaurants per capita by country. The United States is in first, with one restaurant for every twenty three thousand people. The pie chart is helpful, but one must ask: Why is it not a hamburger chart? A team of dedicated research scientists will explore this and other pressing questions concerning why humans eat what they eat and the way they do. The team will devise a series of experiments to be conducted inside the human digestive system with the help of a newly developed Scientist Resizing Unit. Their voyage will take place January 12-14, 2012.


Amy Secunda
Benj Sullivan Knoff
Claire Winkleblack
Francesca Mennella
Galya Loeb
Maggie Fish
Marlee Rich
Sarah Sherman


Producer: Aleah Papes
Assistant Producer: Justin Wolf
Director: Ben Gojer
Assistant Director: Emilia Barrosse
Stage Manager: Emily Ember
Scenic Designer: Blake Paine
Lighting Designer: Hiro Miura
Technical Directors: Hannah Aubry & Nacho Estrada
Sound Designer: Jenny Bendelstein
Costume Designers: Cassie Bowers, Rebecca Gausnell, Collin Rice, & Daphna Weinstock
Props Designer: Stephanie Ernst
Publicity/Fundraising: Mark Silberg & Alex Glancy
Research Team: Melina Sherman
Dramaturgs: Layne Drinkwater, Malia Hu, & Marcus Ybarra