The Iliad

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The Iliad
Directed by Abraham Benson-Goldberg
Produced by Lindsay Amer and Amalie Vega
Written by Homer
Sponsored by Lovers & Madmen
Show Dates May 24, 25, 26, 27
Venue The Rock


Achilles, on the shores of Troy, hamstrings the Greek army by refusing to fight. As the war rages on around him, what looks to be an easy win is quickly jeopardized. The soldiers need a hero, and so Patroclus is sent in Achilles' stead. This is a play of a war — soaring, base, elevated and vulgar. Come find glory beneath the high walls of Troy.


  • Homer: Trina McGee
  • Achaeans
    • Achilles: Abby Williamson
    • Patroclus: Logan Daum
    • Agamemnon: Bridgette Hammond
    • Menelaus: Xander Tapling
    • Diomedes: Ani Poladian
    • Odysseus: Ashley Albert
    • Ajax: Ashley Thompson
    • Teucer: Jake Degler
    • Thetis: Ali White
  • Trojans
    • Priam: Amy Young
    • Hector: Ray Rehberg
    • Paris: Antora DeLong
    • Andromache: Ali White
    • Aeneas: Jessica Prescott-Smith
    • Palomedes: Mark McLoughlin

Production Team

  • Artistic Producer: Lindsay Amer
  • Business Producer: Amalie Vega
  • Director: Abraham Benson-Goldberg
    • Assistant Director: Jon Schneidman
  • Stage Manager: Gemma Brennan
  • Set Designers:
Kelsey Melvin (Troy)
Corinne Bass (The Boats)
Matt Moynihan (Greek Camps)
  • Shipwright: JJ Marquis
  • Lighting Designer: Josh Gordon
    • Assistant Lighting Designer: Emily Ember
  • Fight Choreographers:
Sam Egle (Violence Designer)
Alex Tey
Colton Dillion
  • Fundraising Director: Meg Lowey
  • Publicity Team:
Madison Berry
Malia Hu
Sungsub Choo
  • Props Designer: Shelby Millar
  • Costume Designer: Meghan Stanton
    • Assistant Costume Designer: Graham Duff
  • Production Assistant: Stephanie Kahn
  • Fitness Coach: Colton Dillion

Contact Amalie Vega or Lindsay Amer if you're interested in joining the production team