The Last Seder

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The Last Seder
Directed by Allison Finn
Produced by Katharine Nasielski
Written by Jennifer Maisel
Sponsored by Jewish Theatre Ensemble
Show Dates April 29 - May 1, 2010
Venue Shanley Pavilion

You don’t have to be Jewish to understand this show. If you ever sat down at an awkward, dysfunctional family holiday dinner, you will understand. All too well.


THE STORY: Start with your typical dysfunctional family. Convert the family to Judaism. Add a splash of magical realism, a pregnant lesbian, a chain-smoking foul-mouthed mother, illicit rooftop affairs, and a father who doesn’t recognize his four grown daughters. Sprinkle in a few more laughs and pieces of matzah. Bake for an hour and a half and enjoy.

SERIOUSLY, THE STORY: Faced with their father Marvin’s worsening Alzheimer’s, the four grown Price daughters return home for the final Passover in their childhood house. He has become too much for their mother, Lily, to handle and will be sent to a nursing home, the family house sold. The daughters arrive with their own sets of issues: Michelle brings a total stranger to pose as her good Jewish boyfriend, Angel heads straight for her ex-boyfriend’s house, Claire and her fiancé drive up in a U-Haul (she steers, he shifts gears), and Julia arrives pregnant with her lesbian life partner. Marvin does not recognize any of them. As the women cope with Marvin’s disease, their relationships, and their past, Marvin slips deeper into dementia. When the last Seder arrives, however, Marvin has his first moments of clarity, giving his family the ability and courage to finally move forward.


LILY PRICE – The family matriarch, in her sixties

MARVIN PRICE – Lily’s husband, suffering from Alzheimer’s, in his seventies

JULIA PRICE – The oldest Price daughter, a therapist, very pregnant, in her mid-thirties

CLAIRE PRICE – The second Price daughter, a lawyer with commitment issues, in her thirties

MICHELLE PRICE – The third Price daughter, an elementary school teacher, in her late twenties

ANGEL PRICE – The baby of the family, a wanderer, in her early twenties

HAROLD FREEMAN – The Price family’s next door neighbor, in his seventies 

JANE – Julia’s life partner

JON – Claire's longtime fiancé

KENT – A nice Jewish boy in his late twenties, a total stranger to the Prices

LUKE – Angel’s ex-boyfriend, a young man of color, in his early twenties


  • Lily Price: Liza Renzulli
  • Marvin Price: Alex Ryser
  • Julia Price: Zoe Goslin
  • Claire Price: Kacy Smith
  • Michelle Price: Alex Knell
  • Angel Price: Walls Trimble

  • Harold: Charlie Homerding
  • Jane: Alyssa Vera Ramos
  • Jon: Doug Goldring
  • Kent: Matt Dealy
  • Luke: Scott Shimizu

Production Team

  • Producer: Katharine Nasielski
  • Assistant Producer: Rachel Zinn
  • Director: Allison Finn
  • Stage Manager: Alexander Young
  • Assistant Stage Manager: Michelle Rodgers
  • Technical Director: Jordan Johnson
  • Master Carpenter: Evan Derrow
  • Set Designer: Kelsey Melvin
  • Scenic Carpenter: Devin Vaisman
  • Lighting Design: Jordan Puckett
  • Lighting Assistant: Joseph McManus
  • Sound: Kelby Siddons and Ray Rehberg
  • Props: Andi Sturtevant and Darrin French
  • Costumes: Robyn Char and Desiree Staples
  • Assistant Costumes: Rebecca Dumain
  • Makeup: Ashley Albert
  • Outreach Chair: Leah Harris
  • Special Events Chair: Chelsea Adams
  • Fundraising Chair: Julie Boor
  • Publicity Chairs: Tracy Smith and Rachel Berger
  • Publicity Assistant: Jesse Rothschild
  • Business Production Assistant: Devin Vaisman
  • Graphic Design: Jacob Watson
  • Dramaturgy: Chloe Picot-Jacobs
  • Production Assistants: Ned "Afikomen" Baker, Maria Zdunek, and Amanda Lerner