The Memory Furies

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The Memory Furies
Memory Furies poster.png
Directed by Brian Rady
Produced by Jackie Liotta
Written by Aeschylus and
Marguerite Duras
Adapted by Brian Rady
Sponsored by Sit & Spin Productions
Show Dates May 21-23, 26-28 at 8:30pm; May 24 at 11pm
Venue The Library Plaza

An adaption of Marguerite Duras' screenplay, "Hiroshima Mon Amour," and of Aeschylus' "The Libation Bearers," "The Memory Furies" re-imagines the bloodthirsty tragedies of the House of Atreus, the most plagued family of all Western culture, and a love affair in Hiroshima, the place death has preserved forever. It follows two quests, two journeys to avenge the past, seeking blood for blood. Orestes and the lovers' pasts torment them as mythological furies. The play unfolds as a prayer to Apollo, to the gods of memory, a desperate and too-human cry: "Can you, though dead, yet heed our offering, and know our love is true?"


Production Team

  • Assistant Producer: Christine Baker
  • Assistant Director: Elisa Redish
  • Stage Management: Grayson Vreeland, Molly Lyons
  • Set Designer: Matt Alfonso
  • Costume Designer: Diana Beshara
  • Lighting Designer: Marcy Capron
  • Graphic Designer: Karinna Gomez
  • Props: Christine Todd, Emma Roberts
  • Publicity: Alyssa Ramos, Aime-Lynn Goudie