The Pillowman (2014)

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The Pillowman
Directed by Ford Altenbern
Produced by Jacob Trauberman
Written by Martin McDonagh
Sponsored by Sit and Spin Productions
Show Dates September 18-20, 2014
Venue Shanley Pavilion

For the 2009 production by WAVE Productions, see The Pillowman (2009)



  • Katurian: Cordelia Dewdney
  • Tupolski: Brendan Flynn
  • Ariel: Eric Freeman
  • Michal: Sophie Neff
  • Man: Collin Quinn Rice
  • Woman: Catherine McGee
  • Girl: Kali Skatchke

Production Team

Executive Team

  • Producer: Jacob Trauberman
    • Associate Producer: Lucy Ahlborn
  • Director: Ford Altenbern
    • Assistant Director:
  • Stage Manager: Sam Garrott
    • Assistant Stage Manager:

Artistic Team

  • Set Designer: Joe Entenman
  • Lighting Designer: Aaron Lorenz
  • Costume Designer:
  • Sound Designer: Michael Rogerson
  • Props Designer:
  • Technical Director:
  • Master Electrician:
  • Fight Choreographer:

Business Team

  • Fundraising Director: Daniel Bender Stern
  • Publicity Directors: Khari Shelton, Dhwani Jain
    • Publicity Team: Saron Strait, Zach Barr, Tess Musky-Goldwyn, Drew Guerra
  • Graphic Designer: Emily Fishkin
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