The Princess Bride

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The Princess Bride
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Directed by Dylan Pickus
Produced by Bex Siegel
Written by S. Morgenstern
Adapted by William Goldman and Chelsea Taylor
Sponsored by WAVE
Show Dates TBA
Venue All over campus!

The Princess Bride is a timeless story of inconceivable love and daring adventure.In order to stay together Princess Buttercup and Westley have to fight a maniacal Sicilian, a large Turk, a compassionate Spaniard, a prince who just wants to hunt and the mysterious six-fingered man. Adapted from the classic S. Morgenstern book by WAVE member Chelsea Taylor, this show will travel all across Northwestern's campus, from the Cliffs of Insanity to the Zoo of Death. Before Europe, but after Paris, The Princess Bride allows us to see what happens when true love meets a world filled with war and death, and what can win in the end.


  • Father - Will Sonheim
  • Boy - A.J. Roy
  • Westley - Aubrey McGrath
  • Buttercup - Maddie Weinstein
  • Mother/Valerie/Brute 1 - Chelsea Taylor
  • Vizzini/Albino - Phoebe Brooks
  • Inigo - Sammy Zeisel
  • Fezzik - Dylan Pickus
  • Max/Priest - Nicole Silverberg
  • Humperdinck - Patrick Budde
  • Rugen - Hannah Fisher
  • Father/Yellin - Kelley Schneider

Production Team

  • Producer: Bex Siegel
  • Director: Dylan Pickus
  • Adapter: Chelsea Taylor
  • Stage Manager: Abby Pajakowski
  • Space/Props Designer: Hannah Fisher
  • Costume Designer: Daphne Kim
  • Sound Designer: Phoebe Brooks
  • Violence Designers: Alex Tey, Samantha Egle
  • Publicity Director: Phoebe Gonzalez
  • Graphics Designer: Danielle Litman