The Thesmophoriazusae

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The Thesmophoriazusae
Directed by Grayson Vreeland
Produced by Aaron Quick
Written by Aristophanes
Sponsored by Lovers & Madmen
Show Dates May 6,7,8 2010
Venue Shanley Pavilion

Euripides has just discovered that the women of Athens, now assembled for the middle day of the all-women Thesmophoria celebration, are about to vote on whether or not he should die for the crime of slandering them in his plays. It's looking like the odds are not stacked in his favor, so Euripides asks his in-law to dress as a woman and speak for him at the festival, where by law no men are allowed. In-law's speeches in favor of Euripides and critical of women begin to raise suspicion against him, and a ruckus of cross-dressing confusion and play-acting ensues.

This play is Greek comedy, written about 2400 years ago. It lampoons Euripides, author of many plays we know and love, such as Medea, the Bacchae, and Iphigenia at Aulis, among many others. It is often hailed as the funniest of Aristophanes' comedies.


  • Inlaw: Dan Carlyon
  • Euripides: Darren Barrere
  • Mica: Breanne Ward
  • Agathon/Mania: John Brooks
  • Cleisthenes/Prytanis/Woodworm: Max Cove
  • Servant/Archer: Jonathan Schwartz
  • Crytilla: Phoebe Brooks
  • Garland Seller/Echo/Fawn: Allegra Clark
  • Chorus-leader: Kelby Siddons
  • Chorus:
    • Paige Anderson
    • Rachel Berger
    • Abby Schulman
    • Shawn Morgenlander

Production Team

  • Producer: Aaron Quick
  • Director: Grayson Vreeland
    • Assistant Director: Ismini Mouzakitis
  • Stage Manager: Alexander Tapling
  • Choreographer: Kelby Siddons
  • Assistant Choreographer:
  • Set Designer: Ady Dunk
  • Scenic Painter: Loren Scolaro
  • Lighting Designer: David Griffin
  • Sound Designer: Alex Madjar
  • Costume Designer: Rachel Birnbaum
    • Assistant Costume Designer: Sarah Jane Inwards
  • Mask Designer: Trina McGee
    • Aesthetics Assistant: Daniela Caputo-Noriega, Lauren Carbajal
  • Adorable and Delicious Hair Designer: Shannon Desmond
    • Makeup Assistant: Brianna Keefe
  • Props Designer: Lynn Stransky
    • Assistant Props Designer: Gladys Wu
  • Graphics Designer: Sam Greszes, Loren Scolaro
  • Technical Director:Sharon Friedenbach
  • Master Electrician: David Thomases
  • Publicity Director: Alexander Ryser
    • Publicity Assistants: Breanne Ward
  • Fundraising Director: Jordan Johnson, Maria Zdunek