4 Trains

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4 Trains
Directed by Hannah Fisher
Produced by Daniel Chenard
Written by Abby Pajakowski
Sponsored by Vertigo Productions
Show Dates March 7-9, 2013
Venue Shanley Pavilion


Seven seniors enter their last year at Hamlin High School in a pleasant suburb in Illinois, consumed by the questions of an average teenager: “Will I keep my grades up?” “Will my friends like my new dress?” “Will that girl finally talk to me?” grouped with the question, “Will someone commit suicide today?”

Two years ago, Benjamin Ford jumped in front of a train. Since then three other boys have followed suit. The seven students struggle to mourn properly, fix their broken school, and forge connections in a world of distrust, anger, and fear. Led by the narrator, Grey, the play becomes a conversation using text and movement to explore suicide clusters and school-wide grief, ultimately asking not only how to cope with death but how to cope with growing up.

This year long process has not only been a learning experience and an enriching creative collaboration, but a way to build connections with our pasts, our schools, and each other. We hope you’ll join our conversation and form a connection with us and this project through your support.


  • Grey: Isabella Mehiel
  • Katie: Nikki Rinow
  • Daisy: Sarah Cartwright
  • Andie: Zoe Maltby
  • Jason: Sammy Zeisel
  • Eli: Justin Leider
  • Harry: Dylan Pickus
  • Wally: Jon Schneidman

Production Team

  • Writer: Abby Pajakowski
  • Producer: Daniel Chenard
    • Assistant Producer: Maia Nowack
  • Director: Hannah Fisher
    • Assistant Director: Alex Wolfe
  • Dramaturg:
  • Stage Manager: Gianna Petrosino
    • Assistant Stage Manager: Matthew Silverman
  • Technical Director: Alex Lower
  • Master Electrician:
  • Set Designer: Emma Pardini
    • Assistant Set Designer: Melissa McSweeney
  • Costume Designer: Daphne Kim
    • Costume Team: Olivia Cygan, Natalie Houchins, Aubrey McGrath
  • Lighting Designer: Brannon Bowers
    • Assistant Lighting Designer:
  • Props Designer: Lucinda Allen
    • Assistant Props Designer:
  • Sound Designer: Conor Keelan
    • Assistant Sound Designer: Josh Issler
  • Fundraising Director: Claire Huntington
    • Fundraising Team:
  • Publicity Director: Marylynne Anderson-Cooper
    • Publicity Team: Isabel Thompson
  • Outreach: Anna Basile
    • Outreach Mentor: Danielle Litman
  • Additional Choreography: Brandon Powers
    • Assistant: Ella Pennington
  • Graphics Designer: Juli Del Prete
  • Social Chair: Nick Day
    • Assistant Social Chair: Ari Shapiro

Email if you want to get involved!