Treasure Island 3D!

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Treasure Island 3D!
Directed by Ned Baker
Produced by Alex Tey
Written by Robert Louis Stevenson
Adapted by Ned Baker and Alex Tey
Sponsored by Arts Alliance
Show Dates September 18 and 19, 2010
Venue Crowe Courtyard

"Treasure Island is arguably one of the greatest works of storytelling in the English language. Stevenson created other novels, with greater depth and insight, but the highlight of Treasure Island is the combination of colorful and poetic prose that distinguishes his tale of piracy and boyhood adventure from the rest of the field of other adventure books."

-GrAdeSaver, Getting you the grade since 1999.


Get ready, boys and girls, for a rip-roaring adventure of sea-faring fun! Your pirate's favorite StuCo board, Arrrrrts Alliance, is proud to bring you Treasure Island 3D! It's a nautical adventure based on Robert Louis Stevenson's really good book, Treasure Island, and it comes complete with sword fights, pieces of eight, and lovable talking parrots! It's sure to be a great time had by all! Brought to you by Seasoned Veteran Alex Tey, the Producer of McAllen Memorial High School's Sketch Comedy Revue 2006, and Artistic Visionary Ned Baker, the Director of the fight scene in last year's Dolphin rock show, Real Big Newsies! Holy cow!

A group of Northwestern students band together to stage Treasure Island, with catastrophic results. Throw in a missing cash-box, an evil plan, a pile of weapons, a handful of big egos, a few stiff drinks,...(tharr be more) and a whole bunch of lies, threats, insults, tackles, and hammer punches, and you've got Treasure Island 3D.

So climb on board the good ship Treasure Island 3D, we'll see you this Wildcat Welcome Week on September 18th and 19th at 3 PM in Crowe Courtyard! Bring some walking shoes and your best pirate growl! Aargh, ahoy, and all aboard for adventure!

Behind the Scenes Documentary

Filmed by Ed Paget, the "Making of Treasure Island 3D" videos provide a unique glimpse into the world of Northwestern Student Theatre leading up to opening night. The entire series is now available on Facebook by following the links below:

  • [1]Episode 1 - Meet the Creative Team
  • [2]Episode 2 - Casting
  • [3]Episode 3 - Character Work
  • [4]Episode 4 - Fighting
  • [5]Episode 5 - Cast Bonding
  • [6]Episode 6 - Tech Week: Part 1
  • [7]Episode 6 - Tech Week: Part 2

Pirate Serenades

The cast of Treasure Island 3D are also the members of the pirate band They Might Be Pirates.

The band sings traditional songs and fully customizable sea shanties accompanied by violin, guitar, ukelele and bongoes. Keep an eye out and you might catch a glimpse of They Might Be Pirates performing around campus this New Student Week!

Or purchase a customized Pirate Serenade concert for yourself, your friends, your loved ones, or your enemies! You can buy a live performance of 1 song and 1 customized shanty for $5 or the full concert of 3 songs and 4 shanties for $10.

Sea Shanties (fully customizable):

  • Donkey Ridin'
  • John Kanaka
  • Roll Your Leg Over
  • The Last Shanty


  • The Scotsman
  • The Northwest Passage
  • Climbin' (original song by Justin Leider)

If you'd like They Might Be Pirates to perform for you, just send an email to and include a location and preferred times!


  • Jim Hawkins: Justin Leider
  • Dr. Livesey/ Pirate #1: Emily Marso
  • Squire Trelawney/Pirate #3: Dave Thomases
  • Captain Smollett/Pirate #2: Ray Rehberg
  • Long John Silver: Sam Greszes
  • Billy Bones/Ben Gunn: Alex Ryser
  • Black Dog/Pirate #5: Trina McGee
  • Blind Pew/Abraham Grey: Ilana Peña
  • Israel Hands: Patrick Sulken
  • Dick Johnson: Ashley Thompson
  • Jim's Mother/Pirate #4: Bridgette Hammond
  • Jim's Father: Daniel Carlyon

Production Team

  • Producer: Alex Tey
    • Assistant Producer: Kaitlyn Nibbelin
  • Director: Ned Baker
  • Stage Manager: Shawn Morgenlander
  • Set Designer: Anakin Morris
  • Sound Designer: Daniel Carlyon
  • Publicity Director: Robyn Char
  • Video Director: Ed Paget
  • Graphic Designer: Nick Gertonson
  • Business Rockstar: Jennifer Schaefer
  • Costuming Consultant: Trina McGee
  • Fight Consultant: Sam Egle
  • Sea-Cook: Sean Brennan
    • Scullion Swabbies: Mary Hungerford, Jeff Glass