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Vertigo Productions


Vertigo's Mission

Vertigo gives undergraduate playwrights the opportunity to have their original scripts realized into full-fledged productions. By producing student-written theatre, Vertigo hopes to be a creative and dynamic presence on campus, encouraging students to take artistic risk. Vertigo is the only student theatre organization on campus that produces entirely student-written work.

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About Vertigo

We strive for our shows to live beyond Northwestern. Our One Man Lord of the Rings production recently became a YouTube sensation and received press in The Onion. Our 2009 production of Cephalopod received its New York City premiere at the New York International Fringe Festival and our 2008 production of Mild, Non-injurious Physical Contact debuted at the Manhattan Repertory Theatre in Fall 2009. Clay has been produced by the Lincoln Center Theatre, About Face Theatre, and the Lookingglass Theatre Company. Our alums work at the nation's top television, film and theatrical production companies. Many of our playwrights enter their work in professional festivals and workshops around the country. Vertigo was founded in 1994. That makes us 20 years old!

2016-2017 Season

Mainstage Season

Special Events

Current Members

2016-2017 Executive Board

  • Kori Alston, Co-Chair/ President
  • Jess Zeidman, Co-Chair/Treasurer
  • Sean Gunderson, Directing Chair
  • Isabel Perry, Production Manager
  • Emma Kupor, Production Manager
  • Alex Quinones, Special Events Chair
  • Claire Glubiak, Playwriting Chair
  • Max Abner, Playwriting Chair
  • Sasha Weiss, TD: Design Supervisor
  • Sean Finnegan: Inventory Manager
  • Jessie Vane, Archivist
  • Annie Brennen, Development Chair
  • Amira Danan, Publicity Chair
  • Reed Lancaster, New Music Development Chair

2016-2017 Producers

  • Early Fall Shanley: Alex Quinones
  • Fall Shanley: Casey Norlin and Chamaya Moody
  • Winter Reading Series: Kelly Eichenholz
  • Spring Shanley: Rachel Holtzman

2016-2017 Directors

  • Early Fall Shanley: Henry Bock & Sophie Radutzky
  • Fall Shanley: Yianni Kinnas
  • Reading Series: Amara Leonard & Maddie Rostami (Machismo), Annie Brennan (Ice in the Ear Canal), Emma Wahl (If God Came A Callin')
  • Spring Shanley: Mia Weed

PreTENd Productions

PreTENd Productions is a satellite group of Vertigo, which sponsors an annual 10-Minute Play Festival.


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Contact Us

You can contact the entire board directly by emailing .


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Vertigo Snapchat: mischief24hrs

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