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About WAVE

WAVE Productions is a self-supporting, not-for-profit student theatre company operating primarily on Northwestern University's Evanston Campus. In addition to having five mainstage shows per season, WAVE supports and creates special events that stretch the boundaries of what theatre can be. WAVE also works to reach out to both the Northwestern and Evanston communities through partnerships and other events. Although WAVE is written in all-caps, it does not, as far as we know, stand for anything in particular. Possibilities, however, include We Are Very Excited and We Ate Vulture Eggs. Suggestions are welcome.

WAVE's Mission Statement

WAVE Productions exists to share the stories of the past and present in order to open the door to a better future!


WAVE Productions is in possession of both build space and storage space. The WAVE Garage is located on Noyes Street between Sheridan Road and Orrington (behind 617 Noyes Street). It has been outfitted on the lower level as a scenic construction shop with limited lumber storage space. The Garage Attic is a storage area for soft goods, some lighting fixtures and a wide selection of stage properties and costume pieces. If you are interested in renting any of our set pieces, props and costumes or if you want to reserve garage space, please contact WAVE's Production Technical Directors: Anna Basile and Maggie Monahan at . Feel free to browse our constantly improving inventories by following the links below.

Small Hand Props Inventory

Larger Props Inventory

Costume Pieces Inventory

Lights and Lamps Inventory

Are you interested in designing or assistant designing a WAVE show? Are already designing for a WAVE Production but have questions or concerns? Please don't hesitate to contact WAVE's Design Technical Director, Tatyana Aravena at .

2014-2015 Season

  • Early Fall "Incest Show:" The Breakfast Club: an adaptation of John Hughes' film "The Breakfast Club", Produced by Tristan Chiruvolu, Directed by Hannah Fisher and Elliott Hartman
  • Fall Louis: Circle Mirror Transformation Produced by Lucinda Allen, Directed by Wyatt Fair
  • Winter Shanley Studio: Stupid F**king Bird Produced by Elise Ammondson, Directed by Joan Sergay
  • Spring Shanley: The Language Archive Produced by Maddie Napel, Directed by Anna Basile

2014-2015 Executive Board

  • University Relations Chair: Phoebe Gonz├ílez
  • Artistic Director: Hannah Fisher
  • Production Manager: Tristan Chiruvolu
  • Business Manager: Elliott Hartman
  • Director of Development: Matt Dial
  • Community Outreach Coordinator: Aubrey McGrath
  • Production Stage Manager: Jason Clark
  • Marketing Director: Shaina Wagner
  • Design Technical Director: Tatyana Aravena
  • Production Technical Directors: Anna Basile, Maggie Monahan
  • Special Events Coordinator: Alex Zukoff
  • Freshman Board Representatives: Pauline Moll, Alex Schneidman

2013-2014 Executive Board

  • University Relations Chair: Sammy Zeisel
  • Artistic Director: Daphne Kim
  • Production Manager: Dylan Pickus
  • Business Manager: Hannah Fisher
  • Director of Development: Shaina Wagner
  • Community Outreach Coordinator: Phoebe Gonz├ílez
  • Production Stage Manager: Tristan Chiruvolu
  • Marketing Director: Maddie Weinstein
  • Design Technical Director: Anna Basile
  • Production Technical Directors: Alex Zukoff, Matt Dial
  • Special Events Coordinator: Aubrey McGrath
  • Freshman Board Representatives: Jason Clark, Elliott Hartman

Past Years

WAVE Season Archive

WAVE Executive Board Archive

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