Wonder of the World

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Wonder of the World
Directed by Abby Pajakowski
Produced by Olivia Edmunds-Diez
Written by David Lindsay-Abaire
Sponsored by WAVE Productions
Show Dates January 19-21, 2012
Venue Shanley Pavilion

Written by David Lindsay-Abaire


Wonder of the World is a comedy following Cass, a woman who leaves her husband, Kip, after discovering he has a dirty secret. A believer in fate, Cass takes her unfinished bucket list and sets off for Niagara Falls to discover who she is and where she went wrong in her seven-year marriage. On the way she meets a heart-broken boat-tour captain, a half-hearted suicidal alcoholic, and a pair of incompetent but eager private detectives. Wonder of the World leads the audience on a soul-searching journey with these absurd yet beautifully human characters who are looking for some answers in the random confusion that is life.

Production Team

  • Producer: Olivia Edmunds-Diez
    • Assistant Producer: Yagmur Tok
  • Director: Abby Pajakowski
    • Assistant Director: Natalie Robinson
  • Stage Manager: Steph Ernst
    • Assistant Stage Manager: Lenny Kim
    • Assistant Stage Manager: Jacinda Ratcliffe
  • Dramaturg: Lisa Wiznitzer
  • Scenic Designer: Josh Gordon
    • Assistant Scenic Designer: Daphna Weinstock
    • Assistant Scenic Designer: Joo Hee Kim
  • Technical Director: Kate Matias
  • Bed Designer: Prescott Balch
    • Assistant Bed Designer: Alex Goodman
  • Lighting Designer: Josh Gordon
    • Assistant Lighting Designer: A.J. Roy
  • Master Electrician: Brannon Bowers
    • Assistant Master Electrician: Becca Siegel
  • Costume Designer: Cassie Bowers
    • Assistant Costume Designer/Seamstress: Ashley Augustine
  • Makeup/Hair Designer: Jenny Kwon
  • Props Designers: Hannah Fisher and Catherine McGee
  • Sound Designer: Sammy Zeisel
    • Assistant Sound Designer: Maddie Weinstein
  • Sound Mentor: Patrick Budde
  • Fundraising Director: Sara Cunningham
    • Fundraising Team: Amelia Bell
  • Publicity Director: Natalie Houchins
    • Publicity Team: Daniel Chenard and Katherine Seldin
  • Graphics Designer: Juli Del Prete
  • Social Chairs: Juanita Andersen and Ryan Bernsten
  • Movement Coach: Juli Del Prete

If you are interested in joining the team, send us an email at wonderoftheworld2012@gmail.com!


  • Cass Harris: Lindsay Chambers
  • Kip Harris: Jake Pollock
  • Lois Coleman: Nicole Silverberg
  • Karla: Kate Villa
  • Glen: Matt Ervin
  • Captain Mike: Eric Freeman
  • Janie/Barbara/Helicopter Pilot/Waitresses: Emma Cadd