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Wrestlepocalypse logo.png
Directed by Alex Hartzler
Produced by Kirsten Huppler
Sponsored by Vertigo Productions
Show Dates May 25, 2007
Venue Shanley Pavilion

Wrestlepocalypse, a Vertigo Production, is a professional wrestling match first performed on May 25, 2007, in Shanley Pavilion. The show was re-mounted the following years as Wrestlepocalypse II and Wrestlepocalypse III. Wrestlepocalypse IV is scheduled for May 27-28, 2010. The show is traditionally performed at the end of Spring Quarter, the night before Dillo Day.

The original Wrestlepocalypse was created by Nick Kanellis, Alex Hartzler, and Aaron Weissman, who developed the idea for the show and pitched it to Vertigo. The Vertigo board took on the project as a special event and scheduled it for its famed Dillo Eve slot as a replacement for its successful Sax and Dixon franchise, which had performed on Dillo Eve from 2003 to 2006.

The show was cast before it was written, and the majority of characters and lines were devised by the wrestlers themselves throughout the rehearsal process. Alex Hartzler and Nick Kanellis remained the primary artistic overseers of the production, serving as director and fight choreographer, respectively. The show was notable for featuring a number of actors for whom the performance marked their first time on a Northwestern theatre stage, including 2007 NCAA wrestling champion Jake Herbert.

Wrestlepocalypse sold out all three performances, performing both of its Friday shows to standing-room only crowds.


  • Commissioned by Dick Johnson
  • Commentary by "Wild" Wolf Wiggle and Doug "The Slug" Armstrong
  • with Ring Announcer Felt Salsbury
  • and Referee Seton Cram

Opening Bout[1][2]

  • El Psikotiko


  • Aku Mashente

accompanied by Werner Von McMann

Intergender Challenge[3][4]

  • Trojane


  • The Gourmand

Tag-Team Championship[5][6]

  • Big Bill Business
  • Senator John Congressman


  • Mac Hazy
  • I Did Your Sister

Women's Championship[7][8]

  • Cougra


  • Little Bo Reap

accompanied by Handler Wilson

Grudge Match[9]

  • Sweet Baby James


  • Dr. Horatio Abortion

accompanied by Nurse Nightmare and Nurse Novocaine

Hardcore Fatal Four-Way[10][11][12]

  • Principal Skull


  • Glasscock


  • The Trash Man


  • The Possum King

Special Awards Presentation[13]

  • featuring Dick Johnson, The King of Hearts, U.S.A. Buddy Ray, and American-Made Johnny Blade

The Main Event[14][15]

  • The Big Kid

accompanied by Goldi Lox, Katrinka Katrinka, Muchacha Blanca, and Jeni "from the" Glock vs.

  • Jake Herbert

Production Team

  • Producer: Kirsten Huppler
  • Director of Wrestler Activities: Alex Hartzler
  • On-Call Injury Consultant: Nick Kanellis
  • Stage Manager: Lindsay Fritchman
  • Ring: Charlie Gaidica
  • Lights: Alec Thorne
  • Sound: Adam Neeley
  • Foreign Object Adjudicator: Andrew Jorczak
  • Wardrobe Consultant: Tracy MacKenzie
  • Graphics: Anna Beno
  • Fundraising: Jenn Babin
  • TD: Rie Ma
  • TD: Juliette Rapala
  • Publicity: Sarah Grace Welbourn
  • Publicity: Joel Sinensky
  • Ass't Producer: Ren Hargens
  • Theme Song: Alex Wayne, Andrew Walker, Pete Bartleson
  • Created By: Alex Hartzler, Nick Kanellis, Aaron Weissman

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