Wrestlepocalypse III

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Wrestlepocalypse III
Directed by Joseph Loffing, Rene Jovel
Produced by Katie Martin
Sponsored by Vertigo Productions
Show Dates May 28-29, 2009
Venue Shanley Pavilion

Wrestlepocalypse III was the third installment in the Wrestlepocalypse series, and the sequel to Wrestlepocalypse II. It was performed on May 28 and 29, 2009. The show was a Vertigo Special Event.


  • Chairman: Wernher Von McMann
  • Commentary: The Kill Billies and Wild Wolf Wiggle
  • Ring Announcer: Luke "The Duke" McMuffClit
  • Referee: The Tramp
  • The Knockouts: Maxine Christine, Ryder, & Crystal

Opening Bout[1]
C.J. Cage vs. Jacques de la Coeur

Grudge Match[2]
Barishnikov vs. Garaint LLewellyn

Tag-Team Match[3]
The Dopplegang vs. The Unholy Union

Hardcore Fatal Four-Way[4]
BatVato vs. Scurvy George vs. The Notorious A.I.G. vs. Gretel w/ Hansel

Women’s Championship[5]
Cougra vs. Sprada vs. Lone Star w/ Mei Li McMann

Heavyweight Championship[6]
Lazer "The Party" Burrito vs. Herr Ehrfurchtig

KING OF THE RING[7] Women’s Champion vs. Heavyweight Champion

Production Team

  • Producer: Katie Martin
    • Assistant Producer: Tina Frank
  • Directors: Joseph Loffing, Rene Jovel
  • Stage Manager: Jessi Reber
    • Assistant Stage Manager: Casey Clark
  • Set Design: Joseph Loffing
  • Technical Director: Tina Frank
    • Assistant Technical Director: Joshua Anderson
  • Fight Consultant: Dan Lazar, Elly Lachman
  • Lighting Design: Juliette Rapala, Jeff Glass
    • Assistant Lighting Design: Tina Frank, Aaron Quick
  • Sound Design: Alex Wayne
  • Assistant to Tina Frank: Mary Hungerford
Cougra throws Herr Ehrfucht through a table during the climax of Wrestlepocalypse III.